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Tailored Solutions

BrainXell provides custom services to fit your research goals. Our scientific expertise, flexible production paradigms, and individual attention to customer projects allow us to tailor a project plan that meets necessary timelines and deliverables.  Our custom services can accelerate your research by rapidly producing differentiated cells of high purity and consistency that can be the basis of a dependable experimental system.

Neurons from Specific IPSCs

Any of the neuron types listed under Products can be produced from customer-supplied induced pluripotent cells (iPSCs) or embryonic stem cells (ESCs). The iPSCs can be derived from either healthy controls, individuals with a sporadic disease, or individuals with a disease mutation.

From the receipt of cells, delivery time is typically two to three months with quantities of up to half a billion neurons.

Large-Scale Production

Large batch sizes of up to two billion neurons are available for all neuron types.

In-House Assays

A range of fluorescence microscopy and plate reader based assays can be incorporated in custom projects to examine viability, toxicity, marker expression and more. Please inquire for assay and model specifics.