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Neuronal Maturation Supplement

  • 500ul (2 vials of 250 ul)

  • 1000x

  • Matures neural progenitors in 1-2 weeks

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BrainFast Neuronal Maturation Supplement is a proprietary combination of small molecules that is used to accelerate the differentiation of neural progenitor cells to mature neurons. It is effective with a variety of neuronal subtypes including, but not limited to, motor neurons, glutamatergic neurons, and GABAergic neurons.

BrainFast Neuronal Maturation Supplement is packaged as  two 250 µL vials of 1000X supplement, which is sufficient to treat at least 15 multi-well plates. Begin use after the final plating of differentiating neurons. With two additions (three for long-term cultures) neurons will begin to mature with high penetration and minimal cell death.


Recommended protocols developed by BrainXell include proprietary supplements included with each purchase of neurons. The recommended protocol will depend on the application. Contact BrainXell application scientists to learn more.


Check out White Paper describing the use of BrainFast Neuronal Maturation Supplement for rapid  maturation of iPSCs derived neurons.


BrainFast increases expression of synaptic proteins in human iPSC-derived motor neurons and glutamatergic neurons.


BrainFast promotes the functional maturation of human neurons. When treated with BrainFast, human motor neurons show maximal calcium response to electrical field stimulation by Day 10.