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Spinal Astrocytes

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  • Marker Expression and Morphology: Spinal Astrocytes (BX-0650) express key astrocyte markers GFAP (green) and S100β (red) at >90% and exhibit mature process-bearing morphologies (shown here with a DAPI stain).

  • Labelling by the spinal-specific marker HOXB4 (red) with a Hoescht stain highlights the regional specificity of the Spinal Astrocytes.


Function: Spinal Astrocytes (BX-0650) promote mature motor neuron activity. Co-culturing motor neurons with spinal astrocytes promotes maximal calcium influx within 10 days.


Co-culture spinal astrocytes with motor neurons also accelerates the development of activity recorded by multi-electrode array.



Recommended protocols developed by BrainXell include proprietary supplements included with each purchase of neurons. The recommended protocol will depend on the application. Contact BrainXell application scientists to learn more.


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